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Phys Rev. E 84, 026106 2011 Onion structure and network robustness

This is how you can invert the dependencies to build scalable applications. Let’s look at one of the most popular Architecture in ASP.NET Core Applications. Here is a simple diagrammatic representation of a variation of the N-Layer Architecture. The presentation Layer usually holds the Part that the User can interact with, i.e, WebApi, MVC, Webforms, […]

CMS or Frameworks? What to choose for development? Pros and cons

This functionality is not available in CMS or off-the-shelf plugins, so our team decided to use a framework. We did the development, support, and design of Sommerhus Danmark’s web application using Phalcon. Now that you know what CMS and frameworks are, we’ll share with you some factors you must consider before you choose which one […]

Product Lifecycle Management PLM: Definition, Benefits, History

The systems engineering process provides a path for improving the cost-effectiveness of complex systems as experienced by the system owner over the entire life of the system, from conception to retirement. The V-model summarizes the main steps to be taken in conjunction with the corresponding deliverables within computerized system validation framework, or project life cycle […]