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It’s been almost 5 years since we uploaded our first logic pro x tutorial on youtube. Since then we’ve uploaded hundreds of videos geared to. It dropped the X to become just “Logic Pro” in the latest edition. Hot tip: Want more DAW tips, deep dives and in-depth tutorials? Sign-up to. Logic Pro X Explored – A 3 hour guide to the new features in Logic Pro X [Trailer] · ADSR Music Production Tutorials


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Music Marketing. Recording Studio. Studio Services Info. Book Studio TIme. One of the biggest benefits of Logic Pro is its excellent suite of built-in plugins. Reverb is one of the most important mixing tools for producers. There are many different styles out there and plenty of third party plugins to choose from. But you might not even need to bother with these with the built-in Logic Reverbs. Space Designer and Chromaverb handle the two most important reverb types —convolution and algorithmic.

Space Designer comes with an excellent collection of impulse response files for modeling real acoustic spaces. Chromaverb can handle your dreamy algorithmic reverbs with a unique approach based on the absorption of sound in a circular structure.

Choose from additive, virtual analog, spectral or granular sampling oscillators for unlimited sonic possibilities. But if you just need a simple, user-friendly synth with classic sounds ready to go, Retro Synth is perfect. Its analog, sync, wavetable and FM synthesis modes give you access to the most common vintage synthesis tones in one package. Based on the extremely handy Quick Sampler plugin, Drum Machine Designer lets you build custom kits based on any sample with ease.

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Mac用 MPEG Streamclip. Softonic のレビュー 動画のエンコード、YouTubeからのダウンロード、編集機能をまとめて使える! MPEG Streamclip (エムペグストリームクリップ)は動画のエンコード(ファイル変換)、 YouTube からのダウンロード、そして編集ができる無料の動画ファイル編集アプリです。Macに標準搭載のQuickTime Playerでは動画の再生しかできず、トリミングなどの編集を行うにはQuickTime Player Proを購入する必要があります。MPEG Streamclipを使えば、MPEG、AVI、MOVなど一般的な動画ファイルの再生からファイル形式の変換、編集作業までを一つのアプリで行うことができます。動画の一部抜き出しや拡大・縮小など、お手持ちの動画に手を加えてオリジナルと一味違う動画を作成したいときに試してみてはいかがでしょうか。 MPEG Streamclipのインターフェースは、動画の再生エリアと再生コントロールなどのツールボタンだけとシンプルな構成です。まずは、編集したい動画を再生エリアにドラッグ&ドロップしましょう。再生エリアに画像が表示されます。MPEG Streamclipが対応しているファイル形式は、AVIやMOV、FLVなどと豊富なので動画プレーヤーとして使用することも可能です。編集作業は「Edit」メニューから行います。部分的にカットしたり、他の動画に一部分を挿入したり、音声を消すなどの編集が可能です。.

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High quality free Logic Pro X tutorials can be difficult to find, but at Logic Pro Expert we have been making them for a long time and sharing them with Logic Pro users around the world.

Our trainers are working Logic Pro professionals, with years of practical experience using Logic Pro. Steve DeMott recently did an article on 2-Buss compression recently. In this video Eli takes some of his ideas and develop them using Logic’s powerful and flexible built-in compressor plug-in. There is a lot more to this plug-in than initially meets the eye, especially when it comes to « glue » style bus processing. Apple has us covered in those moments when inspiration hits.

Capturing audio on the fly is a snap with Voice memos, as is bringing it into Logic using either AirDrop or iCloud. Then, the sky’s the limit! Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference. There is a somewhat hidden feature in Logic that has been around since the beginning, in the early nineties. Many users don’t know or care about it. Many others, blissfully unaware of its presence, clamour for it. I am talking about MIDI chase. What is it, and why should you care about it?

Read on. We received a question from a user about locking multiple tracks together when editing. Happily, the answer is simple and easy to implement.

We’ve all been there. We’re in the heat of working, editing away; we make a snip or cut with either a key command, menu function, or tool, and bam. It pops up. Stopping us dead in our tracks. We’re locked out of doing anything else and are confronted with a do-or-die decision that we must make before we can move forward. What do we want to do with the notes existing on both sides of the split point? Read on to understand the options available.

I often receive questions from Logic users about various aspects of the program or specific problems. Last week I received two Logic related questions that had straightforward, easily explainable answers that are not immediately apparent unless you know Logic reasonably well. I want to share them here and their solutions, in case they will be of help to others searching for the same information.

There are lots of features, functions, and even plug-ins, lurking deep within Logic that often do not receive the love they deserve. Delay Designer is an often overlooked fully customizable multi tap delay. Watch as a unique multi tap rhythm is created and customized to work with a specific vocal phrase. Waves recently released the CLA Epic plug-in, which captures the Chris Lord-Alge workflow of mixing with depth, using four delays and four reverbs.

In this video, I’ll show you how to set up these Epic style effects routings directly in Logic. Explore a couple of different ways to drive the input for a more authentic sounding tape saturation effect. Here I’ll show you how quick, fun, and stimulating it is, instantly chopping up a loop in Quick Sampler and then re-arranging the slices in unusual ways in the Step Sequencer.

In this latest installment of collaborative posts, Chris and Eli tackle mixing the same drum tracks, using Logic Pro X plug-ins exclusively. In this video, I will approach Tape Delay from a different vantage point. Instead of thinking of tempo-synced delays, the modulation section, in conjunction with the Feedback control, is put to work, creating a warm subtle flanging effect on a signal that is delayed just a couple of milliseconds.

Hear it in action, on both guitar and Rhodes. In the first part of this post, my colleague Chris Vandeviver and I took the same set of raw Live Loop cells, and each edited them and laid them out in scenes on our own. In this set of videos, you will hear the fruits of our labour. We each recorded a couple of different performances. We are each using the same raw content, but edited, triggered, and arranged uniquely. See how to use Live Loops cells and scenes to re-arrange the basic building blocks of your music.

Normalization gets a bad wrap in the audio world. And that color is non-destructive. Not only is it non-destructive, but the target level is totally up to the user. I recently got myself a Nektar expression pedal, and have been having a ball using it with Logic.

You can also use Dual Mono plugins to inspire new creative opportunities and chances in your music! Today, Chris Vandeviver explores the creative potential of Dual Mono plugin routing.

Logic Pro’s Low Latency Mode is a fantastic mode for temporarily bypassing any plugins or routing that are introducing latency in your signal flow. Resampling is one of the many fantastic new features added to Drum Machine Designer in the Logic Pro See how to use it to create custom sounds and channel strips.

Since my earliest days using Logic, I have always been intrigued and inspired by how different people using the same tools, approaching similar situations, invariably generate unique and disparate creative results. Here are the results. One of the new often requested features added in the recent Logic Slip Editing means being able to shift the contents within a region without changing the region boundaries.

There are lots of uses for this, both creatively, and correctively. Follow along in the first-ever logic-pro-expert Remix Off, where Eli Krantzberg and Chris Vandeviver each create a short arrangement using two factory Apple Loops, in conjunction with Logic Pro Which do you like better?

Yesterday we shared our exclusive first look at the new Logic Pro Below are some additional videos covering some of the new features, that are all available to view for free. In Round 2 of our guitar « mix off » here at Logic Pro Expert, Chris and Eli choose to use 3rd party emulations and plugins on the same guitar tracks.

Which version do you prefer, and why? What are some of your favourite guitar processing plug-ins? Crafting guitars for a mix can mean completely different things to different mixers and guitarists!

Thanks to Amp Designer and Pedalboard, Logic has no shortage of tools for crafting your perfect guitar sound. So we here at Logic Pro Expert decided to put tone to the test by individually mixing a guitar-driven song using Pedalboard and Amp Designer for our guitar mixes. Below is the tiny selection of over high quality Pro Tools video tutorials that make up over hours worth of content hosted on our Premium video platform, if you want to sample some of the premium content then you can sign up for a 7-Day Free Trial.

No commitments. Cancel anytime. See how a vocal library stem is used to start a new song idea. Over Hours Of High Quality Video Tutorials Below is the tiny selection of over high quality Pro Tools video tutorials that make up over hours worth of content hosted on our Premium video platform, if you want to sample some of the premium content then you can sign up for a 7-Day Free Trial.

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