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Docker desktop requires windows 10 pro or enterprise version 15063 to ru free

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Docker CE for Windows says « Docker for Windows requires Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise version , or Windows server RTM to run » even. Install Docker On Windows 10 Home « Windows Home Docker Desktop requires Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise version to run. This docker desktop requires windows 10 pro or enterprise version to run free that Windows Insider users in or higher can now install and use Docker.


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I had an issue when installing Docker. Docker Desktop requires Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise version to run. I have tried to update window. Windows 10 Home users can now use Docker Desktop through WSL 2. This requires Windows 10, version or higher. For more information, see Install Docker. Docker Desktop requires Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise (+) or Windows 10 Home (+). Should I join Windows insider? How long should I wait.


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Fixed an issue related to NFS mounting. Fixed an issue with HTTP proxy exclude lists containing entries such as localhost or When the WSL integration process unexpectedly stops, the user is now notified and can decide to restart it or not, instead of always trying to restart it in a loop. Fixed an issue related to container logs lagging under heavy load. Diagnostics: avoid hanging when Kubernetes is in a broken state. Fixed the path to the installer log file default location when the username contains a space.

When sharing a file into a container e. Docker introduces the new Images view in the Docker Dashboard. The images view allows users to view the Hub images, pull them and manage their local images on disk including cleaning up unwanted and unused images. Docker Desktop now enables BuildKit by default after a reset to factory defaults. The context docker-desktop should be used instead. Removed the option to start with Windows containers from the installer Pinning the application to the taskbar and clicking on it will launch the container view if Docker is already running.

Left-clicking on the whale in the system tray now launches the dashboard container view. Docker Desktop now uses a different systray icon for dark and light mode. Added support for emulating Risc-V via Qemu 4. Copy container logs without ansi colors to clipboard. Fix application startup if hosts is specified inside the Docker daemon. Switched from chronyd to sntpcd to work around host time synchronisation problems.

Fixed an issue where adding a folder on a non-existing drive in the settings would create an empty entry. Ensure localhost and Fixed a crash when failing to login with no Internet connection. Report check for updates errors in toast notification. Fixed an upgrade bug where users on versions still using the PowerShell based VM management can experience a silent un-installation crash leading to Docker Desktop being uninstalled instead of upgraded.

Docker Desktop always flushes filesystem caches synchronously on container start. Compose-on-Kubernetes is no longer included in the Docker Desktop installer. You can download it separately from the compose-on-kubernetes release page. Fixed an issue that intermittently causes the backend to fail to start. Fixed a proxy crash that happened when glibc was not compatible. Added support for mounting files from a distro using the Windows CLI e. Fixed the error message when attempting to use a shared volume with a relative path.

Detect when the docker-desktop wsl distro is stopped and display a clearer error message. Fix a race condition when exposing ports.

Enable dialog no longer blocks other windows. There is a known issue when enabling Kubernetes where the settings UI sometimes fails to update the Kubernetes state.

To work around this issue, close and re-open the Window. There is a rare known issue when switching users, where the images UI sometimes continues to show the repositories of the previous user. Upgrades Docker Compose 1. To work around this issue, disable seccomp by using the –privileged flag. For Windows Upgrades Docker The installer now returns a non-zero exit code on error, or when the user cancels the installation.

For Windows Upgrades Linux kernel 4. Fixed Swarm mounts in WSL 2. Fixed a bug when using the Microsoft mssql image. Fixed a delay caused when opening the systray menu. Fixed a regression where sharing a folder using a double leading slash notation would fail. Re-added device-mapper to the embedded Linux kernel. Fixed an issue which caused the :z attribute in bind mounts to fail.

This requires Windows 10, version or higher. For more information, see Install Docker Desktop on Windows. Docker Desktop introduces a new onboarding tutorial upon first startup.

The Quick Start tutorial guides users to get started with Docker in a few easy steps. It includes a simple exercise to build an example Docker image, run it as a container, push and save the image to Docker Hub. Docker Desktop now allows sharing individual folders, rather than whole drives, giving more control to users over what is being shared. Docker Desktop now allows users to refresh the list of distros. Docker Desktop detects missing Linux kernel and adds a pointer to the Microsoft documentation to download the kernel.

Detect when the WSL 2 backend stops and allow the user to restart it. Added a check that virtualization is enabled in the BIOS. Filesharing Fixed a bug where renaming parent directories of shared folders led to spurious File not found errors. Fixed bug where a letter and two digit root folder name causes docker-compose to fail creating directories inside the volume. Fixed a bug which prevented containers from seeing file updates on shared volumes, when under load and a container restarts.

Fixed a bug where host paths are incorrectly translated into VM paths. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more about Collectives.

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