CMS or Frameworks? What to choose for development? Pros and cons

This functionality is not available in CMS or off-the-shelf plugins, so our team decided to use a framework. We did the development, support, and design of Sommerhus Danmark’s web application using Phalcon. Now that you know what CMS and frameworks are, we’ll share with you some factors you must consider before you choose which one to use for your website or webshop. CodeIgniter – CodeIgniter is another PHP framework known for its hassle-free installation and small footprint. It is best used for beginners and developing light-weight applications.

  • Provides a variety of locations where you can find answers to your questions.
  • CMS Development roadmapto see if you have an area of interest or expertise then contact the release leader of up coming releases.
  • Code should look like, it is appropriate to look at how and where the source code is stored.
  • SO it’s not so much WP itself as the extensions that it supports.
  • A template solution can be created very quickly.

Is built using the MVC design pattern, a popular pattern used by plenty of other frameworks already. Specifically, if you’re in the field of web development, no matter the technology you’re dealing with, it’s impossible to get away from the word Joomla! If it’s so, I’m sure that you belong to some other planet!

What Is Joomla?

Not to mention that in the real world you’ll witness more complex workflows accompanied with rich features like tagging, social sharing, and commenting, to name a few. The Framework has a dynamically generated API available for all aspects of the code classes and functions. You can dig into the API documentation and begin exploring specific functions, parameters and returns.

Is Joomla a framework or CMS

As you may have guessed, the commercial extensions are paid goodies, available either on a subscription model or by paying a one-time fee. As a developer, it’s an area you would like to get the benefit of, by developing quality extensions and releasing those under commercial license. Before I go ahead and explain what a module is in Joomla!

Joomla! 4

I will probably suggest Joomla unless there is an overwhelming reason as I can reuse so much of the framework and NOT write my own custom. I select Joomla for most implementations as I use it as a framework to make systems. Something was said about only being able to use 1 template in wordpress. Joomla’s competition is not WordPress, but the scalable, enterprise applications like Kentico, .NET, etc. Joomla wins on template flexibility, ACL, SEO and code efficiency. BUT, the absolute urls and the huge amount of page requests it demans simply puts me off using it as anything other than a basic CMS.

Is Joomla a framework or CMS

Ease of use – WordPress is generally regarded as being the easiest content management system to use, especially for non-developers. We’ll dig into each content management system and give you a better idea of each platform’s pros and cons. A CMS such as joomla, can be used in order to create completely custom applications such as an ordinary framework such as Zend etc. Its new implementation .NET Core is a cross platform framework that extends the building and running of applications in Windows, Linux, and macOS servers.

Our Websites

Sommerhus Danmark acts as a portal where users can rent summer houses from different agencies and private owners. As such, the site requires pulling data like property description, rental rates, availability dates, and upcoming deals or discounts from various Sommerhus partners. Check out some of projects we’ve done in the past using CMS and frameworks.

Is Joomla a framework or CMS

The following table lists the standard templates installed with each major Joomla release. Templates are installed as extensions to Joomla and may be customised with source code overrides and/or CSS. Eddie went further to criticise OSM’s vision, entrepreneurship and management of the project. Other commentators also expressed their opinion that OSM had become dysfunctional. Anyone who wants to become a serious developer should seriously consider having more than one string to their bow. It is easy to become blind to the growth of sophisticated “builders” which already do everything a simple WP or Joomla site can do.

Joomla 4.3.2 Security and Bug Fix Release

The Sniff is based on the standard outlined in this document. For more information about how code standards are enforced see the analysis appendix of the manual. For information on using the Sniff see the documentation stored in its repository. Framework is a PHP framework that is designed to serve as a foundation for not only web applications but other types of software such as command line applications.

The following chart shows Joomla’s share of the CMS market . Joomla is primarily funded by private sponsorships that offset OSM’s operational costs; these costs include taxes, accounting, presence at ground events, operation of domains and so forth. The project receives the rest of its revenue from website advertising, commissions, examination fees and Google Summer of Code. J and Beyond is a conference largely aimed at Joomla developers and site integrators and is hosted in Europe around May each year. Dionysopoulos’ views gathered momentum within the community and led to the formation of the Joomla 4 working group . Although the proposal only affected the licensing of the framework and not the CMS, the decision sparked a fierce debate within the community.


It was my pleasure to introduce one of the most popular open-source CMSs in the field of web development—Joomla! Although we’ve barely scratched the surface of the Joomla! World, I hope that I was able to do justice to the subject.

Is Joomla a framework or CMS

Pro template + Page Builder + Akeeba + JCE and you can build 90% of any Website you want. Always good to hear a developer’s perspective on the two different platforms. Multilanguage – In WordPress the Polylang plugin works perfectly for me (in a 3-language site). The multi-language facility in Joomla is cumbersome and consumes an unreasonable amount of time.

The future

WordPress is far superior in the ease of setup, extensibility and allowing everyday users to manage and update. Web content applications include discussion forums, photo galleries, e-Commerce and user communities and numerous other web-based applications. Joomla is developed by a community of volunteers supported with the legal, organisational and financial resources of Open Source Matters, Inc. While Joomla, on the downswing in social opinions, might have the upper hand to actually making a nice looking, less generic site? I very much appreciate all the professional detail you would like to provide, thank you very much.